Foundation for Health (12-Week Program)

Foundation for Health (12-Week Program)


This package includes:

  1. One 90-Minute In-Depth Nutritional Assessment Session

  2. Four 45-Minute Follow-Up Sessions (via Skype or in Person)

  3. Weekly 15-Minute Goal Settings and Accountability Check-Ins by Phone

  4. Three 7-Day Custom Meal Plan with key ingredients (Adjustments are made as needed)

  5. Grocery List and Recipes

  6. Tips for Meal Planning and Prepping

  7. Supplement Recommendations

  8. Handouts and Worksheets

  9. Lifestyle and Self-Care Recommendations

  10. And Much More!

    Please note that full payment is required before the initial appointment. If you wish to enroll into the payment plan please contact Cecilia for more information.

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In 12 weeks you will learn how to lay down the foundation for your health in a practical, sustainable and gentle way. Based on your assessment and main concerns, Cecilia will help you to pinpoint and correct nutritional deficiencies and bad habits, to identify possible allergies, food sensitivities, etc. You will learn how to set realistic goals and reach lasting results.

It is recommended to anyone, who is looking for:

  • weight loss

  • to improve digestive issues

  • eliminate allergies/food sensitivities

  • to reduce body fat and to improve body composition

  • to balance hormones

  • to increase energy levels

  • to regulate sleeping patterns

  • promote healthy pregnancy, improve fertility

  • or any other health concern

With this personalized plan, you will be given ample time with Cecilia to help change habits and develop an optimal way of eating for your specicifichealth concerns and goals.

You will have ongoing support, guidance, and education for the entire 12 weeks.