1-on-1 Nutritional Consultations

Different foods fuel different types of thoughts, different potentials for success and different destinies or destinations in life....
Where are you headed with your current diet?
— David Wolfe, Eating for Beauty

How can I help You?

This is a time for You and I to jump on the phone and chat to make sure we’ll make a good fit. You and I will discuss your health concerns and goals. I will provide you with forms to fill out in order for me to get familiar with your health background and current diet/lifestyle. This would also be the time to discuss your food preferences, so I can develop a plan that works for you.

Insurance Coverage

Did you know that Nutrition Consultations may be covered under your health care benefits plan? Please check with your health care insurance provider. My designation is a C.H.N./C.H.N.C. The following insurance companies may cover the services of a holistic nutritional Practitioner:

  • Claim Insurance

  • RWAM Insurance Administrators INC.

  • Desjardins

  • Co-Operators

  • Sun Life - Extended Benefits

  • La Capitale

  • Great West Life

You may also want to contact your HR department to find out what is covered as well as the amount.  At times a nutritionist’s services are covered under “nutrition”, other times “alternative” or “complimentary care.” There are some other flex plans or health spending accounts that allow employees to use allotted funds for complementary health services. If you do not have third party coverage, your receipts may be used as a tax deduction for medical expense

Statement of Confidentiality

I respect your right to privacy and I assure you that all information collected will be kept in strict confidentiality and that no one will have access to your file without your signed consent. In certain situations, it is important to share information about a client with other health practitioners (MD, ND, Psychologist etc.), however, you may at any time expressly request that I not share specific information with a particular practitioner.

Learn more about the The Holistic Nutrition Profession and Scope of Practice. Also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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