Wellness for Thought

Additional and Add-On Services


30-minute follow up/maintenance session

Book an additional Follow-up/Maintenance session anytime after your consultation or program to evaluate your progress, to address any issues or obstacles that you may have encountered. These visits are a great way to remain focused and accountable in order to achieve your long term health goals. All Nutritional consultations include 1 or more of this session.

Investment: $50.00 plus GST


grocery Store Shopping Tour

(Please contact me to book!)

Become an informed, smart shopper and make best choices possible for you and your family. I will take the mystery out of reading labels and packages. Learn how to buy healthy foods, decide what is good for you and what is not a good choice to buy in the grocery store.  Learn what it means “natural” or “organic”.

Investment: $100.00/hr plus GST


Pantry sweep

(Please contact me to book!)

During this appointment I will come to your home and we will go through your pantry and kitchen cupboards .  You will learn about the foods that may be preventing you from achieving lasting health and vitality. Often common everyday foods contain many hidden additives and added sugars that we are not even aware of.  We will discuss healthy alternatives and replacements.

Investment: $100.00/hr plus GST


customized 7-day meal plan

Includes a daily Menu, Recipes and Grocery List.


  • 1-week meal plan: $85.00 plus GST
  • 2-weeks meal plan: $153.00 (savings of $17.00) plus GST
  • 3-weeks meal plan: $212.00 (savings of $43.00) plus GST
  • 4-weeks meal plan: $263.00 (savings of $77.00) plus GST
  • Additional weeks: add $42.00 each week


Corporate Wellness and Public Speaking

(Please contact me to book!)

Employers are finally realizing that a proactive approach to wellness at the workplace results in healthy, energetic and happy employees, who are more focused and productive. Taking a responsibility in creating an environment that promotes good nutrition and overall wellness is worth everyone's while and makes good business sense. By implementing health promoting initiatives, you send a message that you truly care about your employees' well-being. This has the potential to ignite fresh energies within the workplace and it improves morale. As you cultivate a health conscious environment you are likely to witness the shift of your employees' general attitude. A workplace wellness program has the potential to positively affect your entire team, not to mention the long-term bottom line profits due to reduced sick times.

Current Topics:

  • Learn How to Supercharge your Immune System
  • Managing Stress and Essential "Self Care Practices"
  • Healthy and Balanced Snacks and Lunches, Food prepping for the week ahead

Investment: Please contact me for prices and availability.