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Hello Beautiful Soul! Welcome to my page!

You used to feel vibrant, sexy. Your skin was clear and you fit your clothes. You had confidence and control over your body and life.

than out of nowhere Peri-menopause hit you. Now you feel that everything is out of control. You are exhausted yet cannot sleep, you feel stressed, you have been gaining weight, you have lost your sex drive, you cannot think clear….

when you look in the mirror your once healthy spank is missing.

You are not sure how to help yourself. That's where my expertise come in.

Hello, My name is Cecilia van Miltenburg.

I am a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, an Esthetician and a Metabolic Balance® Coach in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I transform women's lives for a living by teaching them how to achieve and maintain their best health by implementing dietary and lifestyle changes and more!

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