That Nagging Post Nasal Drip!


You know that nagging postnasal drip you cannot get rid of?

My Gosh! If it is ever anoying. Those of you who can relate know that it is not an easy task.

If you go to the doctor for help you get a prescription for antibiotics, a cortisone nose spray or somethin for allergies.

I found that non of those work in fact, antibiotics and cortisone will make it worse beside other troubles they cause. Like disrupting your healthy gut flora or interruting your own cortosol hormone production, just to name a few.

SO then what?

Well, I have learnt the hard way after suffering with this condition for months, that there are only two causes to the chronic post nasal drip. (I am not talking about the time when you are suffering with a nasty cold)

1. Seasonal. Its an Allergy.

2. Mold or fungus in the sinuses. (Yes I know)

3. Food allergy: gluten, wheat and dairy

This past summer I was attending to hot yoga classes and a few weeks later I started to have symptoms of postnasal drip, irritqtion in my lungs, difficulty taking a deep breath. It took me a few months to connect the dots. I really loved going to hot yoga!! :-(.

Knowing that I have an allergy to black mold and I am sensitive to fungus as a result of a systemic candida infection I went through about 12 years ago, I realized that my problem fell under the #2 cause.

Once I quit ygoing there my symptoms started to get better really sloooww! But this anoying post nasal drip and throat scratching was still bothering me.

So I jumped into research mode and learned the tricks to get rid of it. I am on the mend now!!! Yipee!!

Here are the tips to get rid of postnasal drip:

1. Minimize or cut out sugar from your diet. Especially refined sugars and milk sugars, which you should not eat anyway. Yes chocolate, too. (I know ;-()

2. Avoid smoking and second hand smoke

3. Avoid Allergens and remove the ones around you.

4. Garlic nose flush

5.Oregano oil - Take it as drops under your tongue or use it in your neti pot (1-2 drops)

6. Inhale with a few drops os tree tea oil

7. Ginger tea with raw honey, or grated ginger in raw honey

Garlic nose flush:

-Cut up 1 clove of garlic, leave it for 15 minutes

- Boil 1/2 cup of water and put the garlic into the water in a strainer.

- Let it cool off and once it is room temperature flush your sinuses with the solution using your neti pot. - I dilute it with water, because it is really strong!!. Do not use hot water in your sinuses!!

Happy Curing!!!