What is Missing? Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin ???


If you’re super health-conscious, you may have already heard about vitamin K. But, honestly, this amazing essential micronutrient doesn’t get nearly the fame it deserves. That’s why I shared my newest article all about vitamin K earlier this week

It’s a great little nutrient that has so many health benefits for our blood, our bones, and even our hormones.

Can you guess what kind of recipe I have in store for you this week?

Recipe (Vitamin K2-rich): Natto

2 cups dried soybeans, rinsed (choose organic)

6 cups water

1 package natto starter culture (or leftover natto from the last batch)


  •  Soak soybeans overnight in 6 cups of water.

  • Drain soaking water. Place beans in fresh water to boil until soft (up to 9 hours).

NOTE: Because we’re going to be fermenting, the recipe from here on needs to use only sterilized equipment and pre-boiled water.

  • Drain soft soybeans and place in a pot with natto starter culture (per directions on the culture package). Gently stir.

  • Place beans/culture mixture in a thin layer in as many casserole dishes or baking trays as necessary.

  • Cover each with sterilized cheesecloth and place the lid on top.

  • Place covered dishes in oven or dehydrator set for 100F for about 24 hours. The culture should eventually grow to look like a white film around the soybeans.

  • Let cool. Remove cheesecloth and refrigerate (or freeze).

Serve & enjoy!

Tip: If you save some of the natto, you can use it as your starter culture for future batches.