Chia Lemon Water

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Is it just me, or is “mindset” the new buzzword in the health & wellness sphere lately?

You may feel like there are so many things that can improve your health and wellness. But, maybe, there is one small and powerful thing you can do to start. That thing is your mindset!

The mind-body connection is real! A positive mindset about your health can improve your physical health! You can read more about the research in my earlier blog post this week

Setting your mindset in a positive direction at the start of your day can be so powerful so I've also created a ridiculously simple recipe to shake up your morning lemon water. Enjoy!

Recipe (Morning mindset refresher): Chia Lemon Water

Serves 1

 1 tbsp chia seeds

½ lemon, sliced



  • Add the chia seeds & lemon to your favourite water bottle. Fill to top with water.

Serve & enjoy!

Tip: Shake before drinking.