Why Should you Work with a Holistic Health Practioner?

Reasons to work with a holistic nutritional consultant

There is an enormous amount of health information on the web, most of which is conflicting. It's even hard for professionals to navigate through it. I can see how laypeople can get lost, even those ones who know a bit about how the human physiology works.

One size fits all does not work. We are all biochemically individual and have unique challenges, therefore, we need personalized approach.

So where do you start?

Here are 6 signs you would benefit from working with a holistic health professional

  1. You know you want to improve your diet but you do not know where to start. Most people know that they should eat healthier and they should take supplements and also they should work out. And then there are other things, like meditation, yoga and positive thinking....Oh my. How does one manage to do so much? So you put it off. Get busy with kids and work and family responsibilities. And then another few months go by until it hits you that you need to make a change in your lifestyle if you wanna get better. But how. I find the problem most of the time is not that you do not know what you should be doing, its the how. How do you break it down into "bite size" pieces?
  2. You feel something is just not right with your health. In addition to working with a primary care physician, working with a holistic health professional help you to dig deeper to find the root cause. Sometimes the medical test cannot detect minor imbalances causing health challenges. Holistic practitioners help you learn how to listen to your body in order to shift your health.
  3. You keep trying to make changes but life always take over and you cannot keep up. You more likely to make lasting changes if there is someone there to hold you accountable even when you hit a plateau. They help you to establish a structure which then will be the foundation for you to achieve your goals. You also learn that ultimately you are responsible for your own health.
  4. You have tried all of the diets out there and you are sick of them all. They did not provide lasting change and you know you need guidance and answers. Health is not just about calories. There are other factories, too. Most importantly, you need to have a healthy relationship with food.
  5. You would like to be a role model for others. The first step is always taking care of you before you take care of someone else. As you develop the healthy habits and make the lasting changes you will inevitably become an inspiration for those around you.
  6. You have done some work on your own, but have run into roadblocks or you need a more specialized plan for individual reasons. We all need individualized approach, but in some cases the goal is unique, for example, getting ready for athletic or sports event, pregnancy, when you need a well-trained professional to stand by you and guide you.

Working with a holistic health professional is an investment into your health, which pays off, in the long run, more than you think it would.

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