Gut supporting Braised Greens with Turmeric


A healthy and happy gut can be the foundation for a healthy and happy you. But have you seen the massive amount of information out there on what to ditch and what to eat?


I collected the best information for you to make a comprehensive list of what to ditch, what to eat, and what to do for your healthiest, happiest gut, which you can read in my previous blog post.

Some of these are pretty standard - but some may surprise you!

Try my gut-loving' side dish. It's got greens for nutrition, fibre to feed your friendly gut microbes, and turmeric for an anti-inflammatory kick.

And it’s super-simple (just the way I like it).


Serves 4

2 bunches leafy greens (kale, chard, collards), washed and chopped

2 tbsp olive oil

Juice of 1 lemon

½ tsp turmeric

2 dashes salt and pepper


  • Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. 

  • Add the greens and a splash of water. 

  • Sauté until the greens start to wilt.

  • Remove from heat and sprinkle with lemon juice, turmeric, salt and pepper.

 Serve & enjoy!

 Tip: Serve this as a side dish (hot or cold), or add to soup.