Strawberry Orange “Mocktail”


Speaking of reducing the toxin load on your body….”mocktails” or beverages that imitate cocktails but don’t contain any alcohol, have become a huge trend, especially for those seeking healthier, more natural beverages - without adding additional toxins to our system.

This Strawberry Orange Mocktail recipe is as refreshing as it is healthy, and can easily be made in just a few minutes. Impress your friends with it the next time you entertain!



1 lb. fresh strawberries (if using frozen, unsweetened strawberries, can adjust the ice)

½ cup pure orange juice

½ cup ice cubes

2 Tbsp fresh lime juice

Top with

½ cup sparkling water, lemon or lime flavoured if desired

  1. Place fruit, juice & ice in a blender. Blend on medium-high until the desired consistency is reached. Should be a smoothie-like thickness.

  2. Pour into glass, ¾ full, then top with sparkling water. Leave as is or stir in slightly.

  3. Enjoy the alcohol-free, naturally “detoxing” refreshment!

Cecilia van MiltenburgComment