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The part can never be well unless the whole is well
— Plato


Six months after my car accident I developed an excruciating chronic pain in my lower back and neck. In my desperation to find relief I jumped on my laptop to research chiropractors in Edmonton. Clearly the current treatment I had been receiving that time was not working. I had done enough research by then to know that chiropractors do not work the same way. I knew I needed to find someone with a more corrective approach as opposed to just acute care. After reading a handful of websites I knew I had to go see Dr. Coburn. I am forever grateful for God’s guidance to find her. Now I am well on my way to recovery. I still have a long road ahead of me, but I am pain free and I have more flexibility.

I highly recommend West Edmonton Chiropractic Studio and Dr. Wendy Coburn. Her knowledge, dedication and kindness is remarkable.



I am not particularly fan of needles but I consider acupuncture an essential part of a well-rounded treatment plan. Over the years I have been to Marino Torres of Integrated Therapies for various reasons and have always found relief. Mariano is an incredible acupuncturist. His holistic approach and professionalism is exceptional. He is also a wonderful massage therapist. Even if you have a fear of needles, like me, your experience will be great!

massage therapy

My number one choice of relaxation is definitely massages. Especially when I was in a lot of pain I could have not been able to exist without them. Special thanks to Frank Lai of Integrated Therapies for his hard work and dedication. His work was cut out for him to say the least when it came to my injuries. I recommend him to everyone whether they need a deep tissue or a relaxation massage!

manual osteopath

Manual Osteopathy

Having a Manual Osteopath on your team to correct your posture and joint mobility. Shannon Donison assisted me and my family during the acute phase of our injuries. Without her help I believe that our recovery would have been a lot longer. I highly recommend her expertise!