My Story!


I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. I came to Canada in 1998.

When I was a little girl my Mama and I went to the farmer's market every Saturday. I loved going there. When I think about it I can still see the images and smell the fresh fruits and vegetables. In the summer we were making jams, tomato sauce, pickling vegetables and freezing fresh produce for the winter months. Back then, especially in Europe, we didn't have to worry about GMOs and pesticide.

Growing up I wanted to be a pediatric surgeon. Unfortunately due to the early passing of my Papa this plan had to be canceled. After having my 2 older boys I decided to go back to school and study esthetics. Following graduation I ran a busy shop in Budapest. Even tough I got derailed from studying medicine my passion for health and wellness stayed with me and I continued to learn and research in my personal time.

After immigrating to Canada I missed the farmer's market visits, the fresh and wholesome foods, the local little stores. Going to the giant supermarkets was not the same. Especially the quality of the food. All the produce looked beautiful but did not smell or taste the same at all, if anything. The first 5 years were hard as I worked all the time to put our roots down here. I went through divorce and became a single mom. I made home cooked meals every day however I did not pay too much attention to the quality of the ingredients I used. Eventually health issues caught up to me affecting the quality of my life as a result. I was stressed, exhausted, had insomnia, my hormones were all over the place, I had systemic candida infection and depression. I knew at that point that I had to go back to the basics I learned as a child and make a drastic change in order to reboot my health. I realized that the food nutritionally was just not the same as before. So my health journey started. I learned the benefits of eating organic and free range whole produce. I also came to understand the importance of self care. After cleaning up our diet and lifestyle I regained my health and vitality.

My passion for healthy eating and living continued on and in 2014 I decided to get a formal education in holistic nutrition in order to be able to help others rebuild their health as well. I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in August 2016.

I have never looked back. I love helping my clients with their health transformation and rejoice along with them.

Most days you can find me in yoga pant in my office writing client health plans and online courses, blogging away or cooking in my kitchen while listening to self-development videos in English or Hungarian.

I am mostly known for my Hungarian dishes and my "quick wit". My clients refer to me as the "holistic nutritionist" who always listens to them and cares about their wins and obstacles and is ready to offer more assistance.

My vision is to serve the world with helping to improve the health and quality of life of the population one person at the time. I believe that "health is our greatest wealth". People often get caught up in the vicious cycle of health and illness while trying to balance their family and work life. Once in this cycle, its hard to get out of it. I believe in biochemical individuality and that the human body is capable of correcting illness if we provide the right ingredients. It is possible to improve chronic and degenerative illnesses with the right nutrition and lifestyle changes and often there is full recovery. That's where my knowledge and experience come into play.

Things that I am most passionate about are: my family; healthy and clean eating; nature; animals; yoga and meditation; continuous learning and bettering ourselves. We are on Earth on a journey. We came here to achieve our life purpose. It is our responsibility to maintain our health in order to fulfill our destiny. If we do not even know what we are here for and we suffer through the whole process than it is impossible to find true contentment and happiness.

My greatest joy is knowing that when I am working with my clients I am fulfilling my purpose.

Work with me to experience true and lasting health and wellness. I promise you will not regret it!

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I cannot wait to support you on your health journey!

Fun Facts About Me!

Cecilia van Miltenburg

1. I love teddy bears. I have a favorite one I got right after moving to Canada I still cherish her.

2. When I was a little girl I did gymnastics for many years and also loved ballet.

3. Like most Hungarians I would put sour cream on everything if I could, lol.

4. I love sleeping and I do not do well with lack of sleep...

5. My happy place is at the Lake Balaton in Hungary.

6. I am a procrastinator, I am so good at it that I should teach it.

7. My choice of self care treatment is a full body massage.


Professional Bio

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Cecilia is a mom of 3 boys, a holistic nutrition and health expert & the founder of Wellness for Thought, where she teaches women of all ages, mainly women over 40, about how food and lifestyle choices impact weight, hormones and overall wellness.

Cecilia graduated from esthetics vocational school in 1997 in her native Hungary where she received two years extensive training in Biology, Dermatology and Chemistry, and completed practicums along with theoretical studies.

In 1998 she immigrated to Canada and soon started working in her field in Edmonton. She worked in many spas, Eveline Charles Salons and Spas, Carrie 'L and Mayfield Inn Salon and Day Spa, just to name a few.

In 2016 in order to widen her knowledge and to fulfill her life's calling, Cecilia has earned her designation in the Natural Nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Cecilia is excited to have the opportunity of transforming her clients' health and future well-being through nutritional and lifestyle changes. She truly believes that the human body is magnificent. It has a built-in ability to restore health if the right ingredients are provided and that everyone is biochemically unique therefore the "one plan fits all" is not the right approach. She has always been fascinated by how our thoughts, diet, lifestyle and the environment can impact our overall well-being and health in either a positive or a negative way.

Cecilia works privately with clients to guide them through personalized nutrition and lifestyle programs. Her unique approach, knowledge and genuine care for each and every client will make their experience truly one of a kind. She welcomes her clients for nutritional consultations in her home office and over the phone, Zoom or Skype for those who are far away or unable to travel.

Cecilia also has an interest in cancer care. Her mission is to empower those diagnosed with cancer and other chronic diseases to take an active role in their healing through proper nutrition, lifestyle changes and self-care as part of their therapy. She is also available to see clients at Optimum Wellness Clinic in Edmonton for nutritional consultations. You can book an appointment with her here.

Even though Cecilia does not see clients for spa treatments anymore she continues to provide skincare through nutritional recommendations and through her passionate love for essential oils.

In her free time Cecilia loves spending time with her husband and young son hiking, camping, snow shoeing and skiing as well as you can find her in farmer’s markets and in her kitchen creating delicious meals. Cecilia also enjoys reading, crafts and yoga.

Occasionally Cecilia also writes articles about skin care and nutrition for online Eco Parent Magazine. You can check out her articles here.