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Hello Beautiful!

My name is Cecilia van Miltenburg.

I am a trusted holistic nutrition & wellness expert and an esthetician. I transform women’s life for a living. I am passionate about guiding women on a journey to find their way back to their healthy, vibrant and sexy self.

My mission is to help a million women to re-discover what true health and strength is and to show them how to take their power back.

I am also a wife and a mom of 3 beautiful boys, and I love teddy bears!


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To help you reach your personal health goals, we offer different consultation packages. All recommendations are based on your individual needs. Book a Free Discovery Call with Cecilia in order to choose the best package for yourself.



You need some new and fun recipe ideas. Check out our free recipe collection. All recipes come with a shopping list, too. Bon Appetite!


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If you like learning online in your free time at your own speed than you are at the right place. Check out our Online Programs and discover the freedom to health and wellness on your own terms.



Register for your Fullscript Account! Fullscript allows you to purchase high quality supplements at an affordable cost that are shipped right to your door. Check out our supplement protocols to find the one suitable for your needs.


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Check out the Free Programs in order to sample working with Cecilia. you will definitely want more.


Love Sugar a Little Too Much?

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Join the 28-Day Self-Care Challenge to learn how to establish an easy to accomplish and rewarding self-care routine, which you can follow for the rest of your life!



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